‘YAH-YAH-YA’ First Ramen Restaurant in Richmond - Serves Authentic ‘Iekei’ Taste

‘YAH-YAH-YA’ First Ramen Restaurant in Richmond - Serves Authentic ‘Iekei’ Taste

Manager John (right from the center), Manager at Iidabashi restaurant Koyama (left from the center) at ‘YAH-YAH-YA’

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 Yokohama Iekei Ramen ‘YAH-YAH-YA’ (1423-8388 Capstan Way, Tel: 604-285-5113) opened in Richmond on June 18th. Authentic ‘Iekei,’ which refers to tonkotsu (pork bone broth), is served.

 The restaurant is located in the plaza near Yaohan Centre, where there are many restaurants, cafes and groceries available. The characteristics of the restaurant are interior, where the color of the entrance is based on black and red, and which gives the image of Japanese stalls. The restaurant is 1120 square feet including a kitchen area and has 36 seating.

 Shoyu, Shio and Miso Ramen (CAD 9.50 for each), Uma-kara Ramen (CAD 10.50) and Ajitama Ramen (CAD 11) are served. Upon order, hard/ normal/ soft noodle, thick/ normal/ light taste, oily/ normal/ less oil and fatty/ no fatty char siu can be chosen.

 Shunsuke Koyama, a manager of ‘YAH-YAH-YA’ Iidabashi restaurant, came from Japan for staff training to open Richmond restaurant. ‘”Iekei”’s characteristics are thick tonkotsu-based soup which pork and chicken carcass are boiled thoroughly. I trained the staff and took time for preparation in order to serve authentic taste in Richmond same as that in Japan,’ said the manager. ‘Only Shoyu taste is available in Japan, but considering customers’ taste in Canada, we also serve Shio and Miso Ramen as our menu.’

 John, an owner and manager in Richmond, showed his willingness for the opening. ‘I make researches in Japan and Canada by eating a lot of ramen to serve authentic Japanese taste. ‘YAH-YAH-YA’ ramen is very delicious and they are cooperative for opening in Canada. In the future, I want to spread ‘Iekei’ taste in Canada.’

 Mr. Koyama almost had no time for sightseeing in Canada, but he showed a smile. ‘I went for whale watching and felt nature of Canada.’ After Mr. Koyama returns, another staff is coming from Japan. ‘For the time being, we will cooperate with staff from Japan and take over the taste.’ (John)

 Operating hours: lunch = 11:00 ~ 14:30, dinner = 17:00 ~ 21:00. Monday closed.

(Translated by Hiroko Shioda)