Tai Sho Ken Now in Vancouver - Menya Koji Group’s Overseas First Street Restaurant

Tai Sho Ken Now in Vancouver - Menya Koji Group’s Overseas First Street Restaurant

‘Tai Sho Ken’ overseas first street stand in Vancouver now open

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 ‘Tai Sho Ken Canada’ (515 Abbot Street, Tel: 778-737-3805) soft-opened near ‘Stadium Station’ in Vancouver downtown SkyTrain on May 27th. A bowl of ramen at CAD 5 (up to 150 ramen per day) for a limited offer to commemorate the opening resulted in a long queue of many customers and were sold out in three hours due to good reputation.

 In an interior of the restaurant, pinpointed red and gold walls within the relaxed atmosphere based on wood grain attract attention. The restaurant is about 1000 square feet and has 30 seating. Currently, the menu served is Shoyu, Shio, Miso Ramen (Regular = CAD 9.75, Large = CAD 10.75), Tomato Ramen (CAD 12.35) and Spicy Ramen (CAD 10.75). ‘Tsuke-men Ramen’ is coming within June.

 According to a Manager Takashi Hamamura, ramen with ‘very thick soup’ is characteristics of the restaurant. Four kinds of vegetables, seaweed broth, shiitake mushroom and sake are added in tonkotsu-based soup during twelve-hours’ preparation. ‘Some Canadian customers are a bit surprised at the thickness of soup and taste. We prepare Japanese broth in pots and let them to adjust the thickness of the ramen depending on their taste. So far the most popular is Shoyu Ramen. Surprisingly, Tomato Ramen also has good reviews,’ said the Manager.

 ‘We won’t make gaudy or eccentric ramen. Cook Japanese “authentic ramen” following the basics, serve our customers and make them enjoy ramen and go back home after eating. This is our first priority,’ said Mr. Hamamura. He explained, ‘Cook and work harder, and try to offer regular customers hospitality,’ about the basic philosophy of the restaurant. ‘As Vancouver based on “Koji-Dream” of North America, planning to expand business to other cities in Canada and the U.S.,’ is a future business perspective.

 Operating hours: 11:30 ~ 22:30

(Translated by Hiroko Shioda)