Dry Head Spa now in Downtown - Opened by a Woman with Kyoto Trend Skills

Dry Head Spa now in Downtown - Opened by a Woman with Kyoto Trend Skills

Therapeutic Japanese head massage ‘Raku’ was open in Vancouver

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 A head spa and head massage shop ‘Raku’ (878 Hamilton Street, Tel: 604-729-4795) was open in downtown, Vancouver at the end of January.

 A shop owner Tomoe Ginbo bore fruit to open the shop in Vancouver. She immigrated to Canada after she finished her study and working as a restaurant staff in Vancouver. Then, she went back to Japan temporarily as she ‘wanted to do something on her own and have a job of which results come back to her.’ She learned massage skills at ‘Goku no Kimochi,’ which has chain stores in Osaka and Tokyo now, and got a qualification.

 ‘We are the only head spa shop that provides head massages by all hands without using machines,’ said Ms. Ginbo. She also said, ‘We want to seek what a real relaxation is by focusing on massages. There are a lot of people who work hard in Vancouver, so we want to provide relaxed atmosphere without going for a vacation.’

 The skills of head spa massages they provide is the ones of dry head spa which ‘Goku no Kimochi’ invented. The treatment is done by all hands without using water or oils, ‘perfectly massaging’ a scalp not to press a head.

 Ms. Ginbo showed her enthusiasm, ‘Some people living here don’t know about “head massage” although Japanese are familiar with it. We would like a lot of people to give it a try so that the massage is well-known.’

 The treatment is provided at an individual room with one reclining chair, quiet and ‘relaxation-seeking’ atmosphere. She said, ‘Most of our customers fall asleep in 15 minutes or so after the beginning and go home with a clear mind. Good massages for those who have jet lag,too.’

 The menu consists of four types of massages: ‘Rejuvenation Treatment’ (20 minutes = CAD 20, 30 minutes = CAD 30), ‘Refreshment Treatment ?tailored for today’s Business and Working Professionals-’ (30 minutes = CAD 30)massaging the curve of neck and muscles around the eyes attributed to eyestrain, ‘Anti-Aging Treatment’ (40 minutes = CAD 40) massaging muscles around forehead and face reducing facial puffiness and wrinkles and improving facial lift and ‘Total Relaxation’ (45 minutes = CAD 45).

 I don’t receive tips, ‘I would like our customers to use our services to reward for their hard-working as people have much stress these days.’ They are offering, ‘Enjoying our head spa for refreshing and keeping high motivation in winter season.’

 Operating hours: 10:00 ~ 19:00 (until 17:00 on Saturday and Sunday). Appointment only (appointment for the same day is also accepted).

(Translated by Hiroko Shioda)