Roar of Applause to Canadian Rakugo Storyteller Katsura Sunshine -‘Return to Canada with Honor’

Roar of Applause to Canadian Rakugo Storyteller Katsura Sunshine -‘Return to Canada with Honor’

Performance by Katsura Sunshine in a maple leaf patterned kimono

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 Canadian Rakugo (comedic) storyteller Katsura Sunshine, who has been successful in Japan, showed his English Rakugo performances in Vancouver, Burnaby, and Richmond from August 30th to September 1st.

 Mr. Katsura is the first foreign Rakugo storyteller living in Japan, who is from Toronto, Canada. This time he has been conducting North American tour for the first time in twenty cities(thirty performances)of America and Canada from August 29th to October 5th.

 He showed ‘Shukudai (Homework)’ and ‘Umarekawari (Reincarnation)’ created by a Rakugo Master Katsura Bunshi VI in Vancouver. The performances were shown in English to English speaking audience. He said, ‘I try not to use different nuance from the Japanese original. I neither change nor arrange the contexts to match Canadian expressions, so that audience enjoys the original contexts. To my surprise, they laugh almost the same parts when being performed in Japanese.’

 Before the performances shown in his hometown, Canada, he challenged with his expectation and anxiety, ‘I was wondering how they would response to see my performances. I wanted them to laugh and feel excitement of Rakugo.’ Local media widely reported his performance shown in each of the cities. The venues were full of audience and he got applause from a lot of Canadians.

 He talked about Canadian audience, ‘They were very cheerful. Some big audience was very interested in Rakugo and came two consecutive days. Others came once and asked their friends to come and see my performance at the next time. I felt as if I were a top star of Vancouver.’ He also said, ‘I felt there is possibility that Rakugo will be a popular storytelling in Canada.’

 He looked back on the performances shown in Vancouver. He gave his comments, ‘Thank you everyone in Vancouver. I wish I would show a long-run performance in Vancouver as soon as possible. I appreciate your further support and encouragement.’

(Translated by Hiroko Shioda)