‘Anime Revolution’ in Vancouver - Voice Actor Toru Furuya and Kappei Yamaguchi Attend the Event

‘Anime Revolution’ in Vancouver - Voice Actor Toru Furuya and Kappei Yamaguchi Attend the Event

Toru Furuya (left) and Kappei Yamaguchi (right)

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 An anime festival ‘Anime Revolution’ was held in Vancouver Convention Centre (999 Canada Place) for three days from August 16th this year. A lots of anime and game fans and cosplayers gathered there.

 Voice actor Toru Furuya and Kappei Yamaguchi attended the festival from Japan this year. Many fans came to the festival as the popular voice actors on famous anime programs even in North America visited Canada.

 Mr. Furuya attended some events held in overseas, such as America, China, and Taiwan. He said, ‘I became very popular in my teens as the voice actor on “Star of the Giants.” I’d never thought that the time would come when I would attend overseas events as the voice actor.’ He spoke with deep feeling, ‘I came to Vancouver for the first time. Some fans welcomed me and told me to “wait to see me for fifteen years,” so I’m very pleased to come over all the way.’

 As Japanese anime and anime fans become popular, ‘What is asked to do (as voice actors) has changed as time passes, for instance, voice actors release CDs and show their performance at their concert, but what I keep it in mind as the important thing is to be a heartfelt voice actor. I want to give useful advice to future voice actors to have several kinds of romance and life experience so that they can speak lines from their heart,’ he eagerly showed his sincere attitude to roles performed as the voice actor.

 Mr. Yamaguchi talked about Japanese anime, which is popular among the world, ‘The quality and technology are world-class and wonderful. I’m very glad to be involved in anime.’ When he saw the festival filled with cosplayers, he expressed his opinions, ‘It’s good to come to the festival with cosplay and enjoy it. Some of the cosplayers disguise very well and I love it.’

 Mr. Yamaguchi is on popular anime, which is well-know even in overseas, such as ‘Detective Conan,’ ‘Inu Yasha,’ and ‘One Piece.’ Overseas media asked him, ‘Which do you like, Nami or Kagome?’ He answered the difficult question with smile, ‘I’d rather prefer Nami personally, but I’ll choose Kagome as I’m the voice actor for Inu Yasha.’

 Maid cafe and Japanese Lolita boutique ‘Angelic Pretty’ are at the festival. Fans with Lolita fashion gathered at the place of autograph by designer Maki and Asuka. Rebecca (16), who came over from Ohio, America, smiled, ‘I really want to come this time as I always buy the clothes by online. Japanese Lolita clothes are the highest quality and most fashionable.’

(Translated by Hiroko Shioda)