New ‘SPAGHeTEI’ restaurant on Robson -Japanese Style Spaghetti from Aomori

New ‘SPAGHeTEI’ restaurant on Robson -Japanese Style Spaghetti from Aomori

Popular menu “Mentaiko” (CAD 13)

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 A Japanese spaghetti ‘SPAGHeTEI’ (1741 Robson Street, Tel: 604-428-1014) was opened in ramen battleground area, downtown, Vancouver on May 28th. It was soft-opened on the 8th of this month and has been crowded with a lot of customers in 30 minutes’ line up.

 Yuya Fujii is General Manager of this restaurant and President of ‘J-Home Import Inc.’ (Suite 728-602 W. Hasting Street, Tel: 604-558-3223). He talked about the reason for launch of business, “I wanted to have a restaurant which provides Japanese with good old taste and others with new taste different from Italian pasta.” He also explained why he chose this location, “Japanese food is popular in Vancouver. Here is more enthusiastic in the future. I chose the main street located at the center of downtown, Robson as the first launch to let more people know about our taste and brand.”

 “Some visited us for three consecutive days after soft-open. Customers increased rapidly on the following day after local food blogger updated the article. We sold up to 150 dishes per day. We have rushed to deploy more manpower.” Hot sales make Mr. Fujii “cry out for joy.”

 There are 39 seating in 1,200 square feet, designed with off-white walls and soft black wood grain in modern Japanese space. “Wa (Japanese style)” and “Iki (chic),” witten by local artist Takayuki Yoneda, add the interior to Japanese atmosphere.

 They serve 16 kinds of “Japanese taste spaghetti,” which are slightly different from famous Japanese menu like ‘sushi,’ ‘tempura,’ and ‘teriyaki.’ They use traditional Japanese condiments like soy sauce and miso based on the sauce directly taught from Morimoto chef at “Spagetei” located in Towada-city, Aomori since 1975. They also utilize fresh food. The popular menu is ‘Clam Shellfish’ (CAD 12) with juicy clam and ginger soy sauce, ‘Mentaiko’ (CAD 12) with spicy cod roe and richer butter sauce, and ‘Egg & shrimp’ with carbonara-style spaghetti with soy sauce flavor.

 Mr. Fujii said, “We want to spread Japanese unique food culture for customers to enjoy our spaghetti with natto or miso taste which is not familiar in overseas.” He explained his ambition, “When we decided the menu, I felt we were slightly defensive. I’m considering adding strong Japanese taste dishes in the future. Our restaurant will put franchising into our future outlook. We hope we will expand business to the United States as well as Canada.”

 Opening hours: Lunch = 11:30 to 15:00. Dinner = 17:30 to 22:00. Monday closed (Monday open if it falls on public holiday, Tuesday closed, instead).

(Translated by Hiroko Shioda)