Custom-made Sushi Roll Restaurant in Vancouver -Limited Ingredients for ‘Successful’ Sushi

Custom-made Sushi Roll Restaurant in Vancouver -Limited Ingredients for ‘Successful’ Sushi

Custom Roll (brown rice, crab, prawn tempura, cucumber, and lettuce), vegetable miso soup and croquette for side dish

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 ‘Rolls Kitchen’ (380 Robson St., Tel: 604-620-9155) was opened on December 21st. It is roll sushi restaurant which serves Custom Roll.

 This is the forth restaurant by Bamboo Shrimp Marketing Ltd., which manages Japanese fast food ‘Donburiya,’ ‘Ebiten,’ and ramen restaurant ‘JINYA’ on Robson Street. Tempura, karaage, donburi(rice bowl dish), and roll sushi pack have been sold so far, but ‘Roll sushi is very popular in Vancouver. We opened the restaurant on Robson Street because more local people want to eat fresh sushi that was just rolled and we also centralized food preparation for other three restaurants into here as a group restaurant “Central Kitchen” to work efficiently.’ (owner Keitaro Totake)

 In order to open roll sushi restaurant, they ordered sushi rice mixing machine and roll sushi cutter from Japan ‘to maintain fresh product quality (roll sushi). The restaurant is 800 square feet and 16 seating.

 The menu is ‘Custom Roll’ (thick roll size, CAD 7.95~) to choose favorite ingredients, selected ones ‘Uramaki Roll’ (medium roll size, CAD 3.25~), and ‘Thin Roll’ (CAD 2.50~).

 The order style for Custom Roll is like Subway. Customer gets order sheet in cashier, chooses either rice or brown rice at first, two of seafood (seven kinds), three of vegetables (eleven kinds), one of sauce and topping (seven kinds). They can also observe the process for making sushi in front of counter.

 Although custom-made sushi roll restaurants were opened one after another in North America, LA and New York, Mr. Totake said, ‘I wanted to challgenge to open new style sushi restaurant in Vancouver. Some are successful, others aren’t.’ He also said, ‘If there are a lot of choices for ingredients, it’ll cause failure to make tasty combination. We provide limited ingredients in this restaurant, so that our customers can enjoy any combination.’

 ‘We aim to provide daily food in all the restaurants. We would like customers to find their favorite roll after they try various kinds of combination.’ (Mr. Totake)

 Opening hours: 12:00 ~ 20:00. Saturday, Sunday, and public holiday closed.

(Translated by Hiroko Shioda)