‘Rajio’ Japanese Public House in Vancouver - Osaka ‘Shin-Sekai’ Style ‘Kushikatsu’ as a Main Dish

‘Rajio’ Japanese Public House in Vancouver - Osaka ‘Shin-Sekai’ Style ‘Kushikatsu’ as a Main Dish

Rajio featuring ‘summer festival’

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 Tamaru Shoten Marketing Corp., which manages izakaya (Japanese style bar) in Vancouver, opened ‘Rajio’ Japanese Public House (3763 West 10th Ave., Tel: 604-558-1679) in West Point Grey Area on November 18th.

 Rajio is the third izakaya following ‘Kingyo Izakaya’ owned by the company which has established reputation and won gourmand award chosen by local magazines in downtown and ‘Suika Snackbar’ in Broadway. ‘Rajio’s concept is public bar. We serve menu at a lower price than other bars.’ (Owner Katsuya Suzuki)

 The izakaya is about 1,200 square feet and there are 38 seating and 8 seating in patios. It features old-style Japan and ‘summer festival.’ character masks sold in summer festival and noren (store curtain) are displayed on the walls.

 The name ‘Rajio (radio)’ comes after ‘summer’ like ‘Kingyo (goldfish)’ and ‘Suika (watermelon).’ We may laugh at the name because ‘radio gymnastics represents summer.’ Their intention is that ‘the name is a little bit mischievous, unstylish, and different from normal.’

 Main menu is ‘Osaka Shin-Sekai Style Kushikatsu (deep-fried skewered food).’ There is ‘original secret sauce based on worcester sauce and blended with bonito soup. The sauce is “prohibited to put twice.” They also serve home-made onion sauce and tartar sauce with skewers according to customer’s taste.

 They said ‘We didn’t focus on one particular menu at the existing izakaya. We wanted to introduce something new for one of Japanese food, such as ramen in ramen restaurant and sushi in sushi restaurant.’ They also said, ‘There are no restaurants focused on “deep-fried skewered food” in Vancouver, so we’ll try to have new genre of Japanese food established and accepted by people.’

 They serve a total of 24 skewers like 1 piece of Vegetable Skewer = CAD 1, Pork Back Ribs, Beef, Ham, and Chicken Skewer (CAD 1.50), Seafood Skewer like octopus, squid, halibut, and oyster (CAD 1.80), 1 kg of Rib Steak (CAD 36.00). ‘Our recommendation is “Hells Ramen.” It is spicy, but mild with egg taste. You’ll be addicted to it.’ (by the owner)

 ‘The price is similar to izakaya under the guardrail in Tokyo’ They serve draft beer (glass = CAD 4.80, Sapporo pitcher = CAD 14.80), bottle wine (plus CAD 10 based to liquar store) at a ‘reasonable price.’

 Opening hours: 17:30 ~ 23:30 (until 24:00 on Friday and Saturday)

(Translated by Hiroko Shioda)