‘Moncton Tokyo Style Cafe Restaurant’ now in Richmond

‘Moncton Tokyo Style Cafe Restaurant’ now in Richmond

‘Moncton Tokyo Style Cafe Restaurant’

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 ‘Moncton Tokyo Style Cafe Restaurant (#120-3651 Moncton St., Tel: 604-370-1184) is now grand opening in Steveston, Richmond on October 10th.

 ‘21 Century food Group,’ which manages ‘Ichiro Japanese Restaurant’ and ‘Takeya Sushi’ in the city, soft opened the restaurant at the beginning of July. The interior in about 1,000 square feet is based on dark brown with soft color. There are photos and paintings displayed in the light room with some skylights.

 Main menu was Western style food like Hamburg, pasta, gratin at the opening, but they serve a wide variety of menus like Motsunabe (beef or pork offal hotpot), Kakuni (simmered square pork), Sashimi (fresh raw fish), and udon from grand opening in October.

 A head waitress Marie Ishihara says, ‘Considering nature of Steveston, Japanese Canadian, Caucasian, Chinese, and Japanese visit this restaurant. A lot of customers come with their family, but there are also couples and individuals. We serve a variety of menus in order to become the restaurant which has favorite food to whoever comes.’

 The main menu is ‘Teriyaki Hamburg’ (Lunch set = CAD 13), ‘Chicken Namban (Western style) Bento Box’ (CAD 12.50), ‘Motsunabe’ (CAD 9.50), ‘Mentaiko (seasoned cod roe) Pasta’(CAD 6.50), ‘Fruit Swiss Roll’ (CAD 5.50 ~), Hojicha (roasted tea)Ice Cream (CAD 4).

 Ms. Ishihara said, ‘Dessert is home-made by chef. We serve ice cream flavored with hojicha and vanilla beans made in Tahiti. We want you to try dessert with our dishes.’

 Opening hours: Lunch = 12:00 ~ 15:00, Dinner = 17:00 ~ 21:00 (last call). Tuesday and Public Holiday closed.

(Translated by Hiroko Shioda)