Buzz of UNIQLO ‘Coming to Vancouver’ -‘Not True at this Moment’ by Fast Retailing

Buzz of UNIQLO ‘Coming to Vancouver’ -‘Not True at this Moment’ by Fast Retailing

UNIQLO San Francisco opened this October

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 Fast Retailing (Headquarter = Yamaguchi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture) responded ‘false information’ to an inquiry from Minkei News Online Vancouver (Vancouver Keizai Shimbun ). The rumor spreading through a part of blog sites and SNS is that first UNIQLO shop will be opened in Vancouver.

 The rumor which UNIQLO Vancouver is coming has been spreading since the beginning of this year when UNIQLO San Francisco was announced to open. Last week a blog site ‘RETAIL INSIDER’ said that ‘First UNIQLO Shop in Vancouver’ and ‘Lease Negotiations with the Bay Underway’ was reported through SNS and there were a lot of response. The public relation concluded that UNIQLO’s prompt launch in Vancouver next year and lease negotiation with the department store ‘the Bay’ are ‘based on speculation and not true at this moment.’ They said, ‘As a general company policy we do not announce new store openings until we are ready to do so, and with this policy in mind we do not comment on speculation or rumors.’

 Recent years, some retail shops in Vancouver downtown, especially main street ‘Robson Street’ have withdrawn due to high rent and foreign invested big retail shops are launching, instead. Considering this circumstance, first launch of Japanese casual fashion ‘UNIQLO’ in Vancouver attracts attention.

(Translated by Hiroko Shioda)