A Voice Actor Jouji Nakata at Vancouver Anime Convention- Local Fans were Excited at Meet & Greet Event

A Voice Actor Jouji Nakata at Vancouver Anime Convention- Local Fans were Excited at Meet & Greet Event

Jouji Nakata striking a pose

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 ‘Anime Revolution’ has been held at Vancouver Convention Centre (999 Canada Place) since August 17th. A voice actor Jouji Nakata was invited as an only guest from Japan. He interacts with local fans at handshake and panel event.

 Mr. Nakata arrived in Vancouver in the morning of the first event day. He has attended Anime Convention held in South Carolina twice, but this is the first time for him to visit Vancouver, Canada. Mr. Nakata is an only Japanese guest although a lot of voice actors in English version like Sailor Moon attend the event. He accepted earnest request from the host, ‘I have regular recording every week, but I asked a favor to adjust the schedule. As a result, I could attend the Anime Convention held in Vancouver.’ (Mr. Nakata)

 There was a long queue by local fans at the Meet & Greet event. Mr. Nakata was willing to answer their questions and meet their request such as ‘Who do you want as your wife among the anime characters you have dubbed?’ or ‘Please speak this line with this character.’ A lot of fans showed him their respect in speaking a few Japanese they practiced to talk with him.

 Some fans couldn’t say anything due to nervousness and shivering in front of Mr. Nakata. He kindly made them relieved throughout the event by asking, ‘What anime did you watch?’ or ‘Where did you come from?’ Oliver, who talked with Mr. Nakata at this event, said excitedly, ‘His voice is deep and unique. He is the voice actor I respect most. It’s not too much to say that he is a main person for the event and it’s valuable to hold the event because he is here.’ A lot of Japanese voice actors also praised him very much, ‘I cannot understand anime without English subtitle, but I watch the Japanese anime without English dubbing.’

 After the handshake event, Mr. Nakata expressed his opinions about the movies which are not released in English, ‘I was surprised to know a lot of people watch anime that I’ve never expected.’ He also said, ‘It’s difficult to interact with voice actors as there is strict restriction for Japanese anime convention (compared to North America). I hope I can be close to more fans in Japan. I’m happy to receive their direct response. They’re enjoying with cosplay even in the cities and inside hotels. That makes me enjoyable.

 The event will be held until 19th. Panel discussion mainly with Q&A will be also held by Mr. Nakata on the 17th and 18th.

(Translated by Hiroko Shioda)