105 Years Old, Saburo Shochi Came to Vancouver during his Lecture around the World

105 Years Old, Saburo Shochi Came to Vancouver during his Lecture around the World

Saburo Shochi dance Kuroda Bushi.

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 Born on August 16th in 1906, now 105 years old ― Saburo Shochi had a special lecture about ‘key to longevity and health, education for infants and disabled children.’ He dropped by Vancouver on his way to go to Cape Town, Africa to attend International Congress of Psychology. He has held lectures around the world every year since 99 years old.

 Mr. Shochi founded ‘Shiinomi Gakuen (School)’ for disabled children in 1954. His book ‘Shiinomi Gakuen’ became a bestseller and made into a movie. At that time when the legislation of education for disabled children had not been developed, the movie set in the first facility for those children in Japan and his activity drew people’s attention. He has both PH.D. of literature and medicine. His brain response is equivalent to that in 30’s.He has made an effort to acquire Portuguese and French since 100 years old. He literally flies to Japan and around the world for academic conferences and lectures.

 He showed up with a red cloak and black silk hat in the lecture. He danced Kuroda Bushi. It was not easy to imagine how cheerful he was as he had just arrived in Vancouver from Fukuoka on the previous day via Narita and Los Angeles. He showed a slide about his background and told the importance of ‘key to longevity,’ ‘10 practices for good health,’ which a lot of media took up, and ‘hand-made toy’ made from wasted materials like milk pack or toilet paper tube as one of the examples of education for infants and disabled children before 3 years old.

 One of the 10 practices for good health, ‘chew 30 times for every bites’ is his mother’s teaching and he has kept it since childhood, for100 years.’ Several ways of keeping health, which he has kept in a daily life, were presented as the ‘living witness’ of longevity and elderly people.

 Aging of population is increasing. ‘Everybody lives in a long life from now on.’ The population of 100 years old in Japan is 47,750 last year. ‘No extra in life.’ Mr. Shochi still learns a lot like ‘One knowledge for one day.’ He says, ‘Mouth is the entrance of the life.’ and ‘Any food is delicious with good artificial teeth.’ in addition to the way elderly people live in a cheerful life. He proposed the situation of current medical system that medical fee of the artificial teeth (upper and lower) only covers about 70,000 yen.

 This is the seventh time for him to have around-the-world trip (visiting nine countries and twelve cities). He began his trip on July 16th this year. He is going to become 106 years old on a plane. He’s trying around-the-world trip by elderly people in the Guinness world record. He showed a big smile, ‘I want to make an appeal of Japanese real strength and high level of medical service.’ as recorded in Guinness.

(Translated by Hiroko Shioda)