‘BOOK OFF’ Vancouver Closing- Due to Rising Rents

 ‘BOOK OFF’ Vancouver (636 Hornby St.) in downtown is going to close on June 23rd.

 BOOK OFF Vancouver opened in 2005. This was the first bookstore located in Canada of BOOK OFF group and this year is 8th anniversary. The bookstore used to be 1,500 square feet at the opening. The interior was bigger from 2006 and is now 3,500 square feet. The bookstore is only the one which sells Japanese books in downtown, Vancouver.

 BOOK OFF group has bookstores in Los Angeles, New York of the U.S. and Paris of Fsrance. The main reason why BOOK OFF Vancouver is going to close is because they monetize localization sales to sell local books as well as Japanese ones, which is successful in other foreign bookstores, and the cost to sell imported Japanese books is increasing. Another reason is that the rental fee of the bookstore in downtown has been rising before the Vancouver Olympics in 2010. Manager Mr. Yoshinaga says, ‘The rental fee here is higher than that in BOOK OFF New York.’

 Sales are going to be held on the 8th and 15th every Friday until closing. They’re also going to have special sales two days before closing. Books are sold at 80 percent of maximum discount price until closing.

 Mr. Yoshinaga expressed his gratitude, ‘Thank you very much for your patronage for seven years from the opening in 2005. We’re waiting for your visit during the rest of the short period.’ He also said, ‘Stocks are limited, so please visit us as quickly as possible if you want to get favorite books.’

 Opening hours: 10:00 ~ 18:00.

(Translated by Hiroko Shioda)