‘Overseas Voting Registration’ Business Travel Service in Vancouver - Proposed by Japanese Housewife

 A meet-up for housewives living in Vancouver ‘Things that can be done individually’ was held on May 5th. Consulate-General of Japan in Vancouver had a business travel service ‘overseas voting registration.’

 This project was held by Shinobu Kojima, who lives in North Vancouver. Ms. Kojima says, ‘I had been thinking about what I can do for Japan after the earthquake. When I think about thing that is truly significant for Japan while living in the foreign country, I realized that it was to participate in the election. I came to the conclusion that the election gives every one of us the right to show our intention in order to make Japan better.’

 She has an expectation, ‘I have neither been interested in politics until now nor been to the election. I heard that about 800,000 voters live in foreign countries. If a lot of them participate in “overseas voting registration” and show their attitude to have a sympathy to Japan from foreign countries, I’m sure that the sympathy will reach Japan and those who are not interested in the election in Japan will develop empathy.’

 Noriko Ishibashi, who belongs to ‘Mosmos Family’ that provides maternity yoga lesson and birth support service, worked together. They asked for housewives living in Vancouver and about thirty people participated in the project. Fourteen of them actually registered on the day.

 Youichi Masuda, consul in Consulate-General of Japan, provided business travel service for registration. He says, ‘Normally we don’t provide business travel service for individual meet-up, but we decided cooperation to Ms. Kojima after we listened to her. Please let us know when a certain number of people gather because it’s possible to do the business travel.’

 On the same time, consul Ikeda spoke about ‘Japanese language education for children and distribution of complimentary textbooks’ and ‘Safety measures for Japanese living overseas.’

 Ms. Kojima started her blog for the project. She explains about her thought to in the blog. She also says, ‘I want to have the same kinds of projects more and more in the future. I’m pleased if organizers of Japanese community who agree the purpose of the project and provide meeting place for “overseas registration” business travel service, please contact me.’

(Translated by Hiroko Shioda)