Documentary Movie ‘OH! SUSHI’ now Showing in Vancouver -Directed by Japanese Woman

Documentary Movie ‘OH! SUSHI’ now Showing in Vancouver  -Directed by Japanese Woman

Sushi documentary movie ‘OH! SUSHI’ will be shown on the 10th.

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 A documentary movie ‘OH! SUSHI’ (Japanese title: ‘OH! SUSHI - From the Land of the BC Roll with Love’) directed by Japanese will be shown at ‘Women in Film Festival’ in Vancouver on March 8th.

 This film is the documentary which explores roots in ‘BC roll.’ The roll is common at a lot of sushi restaurants in Vancouver, not in Japan. This is the film which shows what sushi is like, sushi chef’s effort, and their difficulty in Vancouver by seeking for BC roll.

 A director Yoshimi Ono introduces her film, ‘BC roll is sushi which sushi chefs think with cooperation in the process of spreading Japanese culture through sushi. In the end, nobody insisted on “their” creating BC roll in the first place. It results in showing modest Japanese culture. Nothing in particular, but a lot of things are contained in the film.’

 The film is described by a Japanese Canadian navigator Alyssa Ono. ‘BC roll is fusion of western and eastern. I guess young Japanese living in Canada will notice how they take over Japanese culture and express it (by a director Ono).

 Tsutomu Hoshi, who is a sushi chef of sushi bar ‘Hoshi Sushi’ of ‘The Sandbar Seafood Restaurant’ in Granville Island, also appears on the screen. He shows the process of making sushi from washing rice. A director Ono talks about taking him for a role, ‘Mr. Hoshi is a typical Japanese chef and has a lot of funs. His professional skills were worth making a film.’

  Mr. Hoshi expresses his feeling about being in the film, ‘How to make sushi for thirty-six years since I came to Canada is shown. Canadian staff is also interested in sushi. They’re friendly, so I enjoyed filming.’

 A sushi restaurant in downtown ‘Zero One Sushi’ will be on the screen. ‘Zero One Sushi is a popular fast-food type sushi restaurant. The restaurant is an example which is taking roots in several ways.’ (The director Ono)

 The film will be shown at 15:30 in Vancity Theatre (1181 Seymour St., Vancouver) on the 10th. Entrance fee is CAD 12, and CAD 10 for WIRTV member.

(Translated by Hiroko Shioda)