Traditional Chinese Restaurant ‘Snow Garden’ is going to Close within this Year - End 40 Years’ History

 A Chinese Restaurant ‘Snow Garden’ (469 Richard St., Vancouver) in downtown is going to end 40 years’ history at the end of December.

 A couple Karen and John opened this restaurant on Commercial Drive in 1970. It was moved to Broadway in 1984, later to Main Street. They have run family business with his son Stanford on Richard Street since 1995, but they decided to retire from business within this year.

 This restaurant is located on business district and also loved by a lot of Japanese. They mainly serve ‘Northern part of Chinese’ cuisine, which is much stronger flavor than Beijing one. Karen looked back, ‘Fried chicken, garlic sauce with pork and chili, and smoked duck are popular among Japanese, local people, and Chinese, respectively.’ Stanford said, ‘Our crispy rice is unique and rare at other Chinese restaurants. It’s one of the popular menus at this restaurant.’

 Cho is a regular customer of the restaurant. He said, ‘My office is near, so I used as a company cafeteria. I felt like I ate my mother’s cooking although they served Chinese food. I appreciate their support to a party held suddenly. They accepted my special offer and served my favorite menu as “Cho Special.” It’s a pity that they close this restaurant, but I want them to take some rest from now on.’

 The couple said, ‘When we look back on 40 years, meeting with our customers, establishing friendship, sharing our smiles and joy are the best memories.’ Stanford looked back, ‘I couldn’t spend so much time with my parents in my childhood since they have kept working without taking much rest for this 40 years.’ He also said, ‘They haven’t decided yet after their retirement, but I want them to take some rest. I’ll post recent situation of Hung family and Snow Garden restaurant which will be taken over on Facebook.’

 A new owner will take over this restaurant. It’ll change into Chinese restaurant, which focuses on high end.

 Opening hours: Lunch = 11:00 ~ 15:00, dinner = 17:00 ~21:00. Sunday closed. Open until December 31st.

(Translated by Hiroko Shioda)