A Japanese Supermarket ‘Sakuraya’ in Vancouver - Focuses on Low Price

A Japanese Supermarket ‘Sakuraya’ in Vancouver - Focuses on Low Price

A Japanese supermarket ‘Sakuraya’

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 A Japanese supermarket ‘Sakuraya’ (517 East Broadway, Tel: 604-872-8885) will open on November 11th. It’s the second floor of a Korean supermarket ‘Kim’s Mart,’ which is next to Japanese Community Volunteers Association ‘Tonari Gumi.’

 An owner Simon Kim opened the supermarket, ‘A lot of Japanese have visited Kim’s Mart for a long time. However, it’s difficult to find Japanese products in Korean food. We want to sell a variety of Japanese food by utilizing empty space on the second floor.’ So far, they have held ‘Japanese food fair’ three times. They decided to open the Japanese supermarket because of better response than they expected.

 ‘There are not so many Japanese supermarkets in Vancouver. The price is much higher and product variety is limited. We set a lot of products at 20 to 30 % of lower price than other supermarkets all year around. We want to introduce new products more and provide a variety of products.’

 The supermarket is 6,000 square feet, but about only half of its space is used now. He also said, ‘We will sell perishable food, which has to be kept in refrigerators, Japanese cakes, and bakery run by Japanese bakers gradually. We also want to have a food court.’

 Sales products at the opening are Sekka Rice (15 pounds, CAD 9.99), Kewpie mayonnaise (500 grams, CAD 8.98 for 2), Mizkan vinegar (360 milliliters, CAD 1.99), and so on. They will have tasting booths to serve Okonomiyaki and Kamaage udon (wheat-flour noodle served in a hot-pot with hot water). Those who come to the supermarket will get Pocky. A lottery will be held for them to win about CAD 100 worth of Glico assorted confectionery boxes.

 It might be difficult to shop in downtown because of limited parking space, but parking lot is available at the back of the supermarket. One hour free parking is also available along the street in front of the supermarket.

 Opening hours: from 10:00 to 20:00

(Translated by Hiroko Shioda)