6th Location of Izakaya Chain ‘Gyoza King’ in Burnaby - The Theme is ‘Slow Food’

 ‘G-BE Izakaya’ (4331 Dominion St., Tel: 604-435-6002) has soft opening from the middle of December on the first floor of Delta Hotel located on the east of Grand Villa Casino in Burnaby, the next city of Vancouver. This is the sixth location of ‘Gyoza King Group’ managing izakaya in Vancouver and Richmond.

 It is currently soft opening until they get a liquor license. Only the lunch and dinner meal are served. A concept of the menu is ‘health for Japanese and slow food’ and different from other izakaya. It attracts attention as ‘new Japanese taste’ from people who visit the casino.

 ‘Sushi Roll,’ which is essential in Vancouver izakaya, is served. The concept is ‘slow food’ so they use ‘Original Millet Blended Rice’ (CAD 4.5 ~) blended with black rice, red rice, brown rice, millet, amaranth, and white rice. ‘Mushi Zushi’ (CAD 5 ~) is also served as ‘warm sushi,’ which rice and mushrooms are added into the earthen pot. It gets a good reputation from local customers who want to become healthier.

 The izakaya is connected to a Chinese restaurant ‘Grand Dynasty.’ People can order dim sum of the next restaurant in Japanese as well as regular izakaya menu. Booth and table seating are arranged spaciously. There are seventy-five seating at about two thousand square feet. Japanese old-fashioned items like shrine gate and dry garden style are painted on the wall. The interior was designed considering ‘Japanese modern’ style. At a glance, the floor looks like the old wood, but in fact they focus on the shape of concrete carved like wooden floor.

 Tetsuya Hashikawa, a general manager of Gyoza King Group and executive producer, says, ‘I’d like people to enjoy izakaya like a short trip as combination of leisure and meal (due to the casino and hotel nearby).’ Parking lot in the casino and hotel is available for free for customers at the restaurant.

 Opening hours: lunch time = from 11:00 to 14:30 (last order), dinner time = from 17:00 to 22:00 (last order).

(Translated by Hiroko Shioda)