Aiko Uemura attended a free style mogul training camp in Whistler, her “place to recharge”

Aiko Uemura attended a free style mogul training camp in Whistler, her “place to recharge”

Aiko Uemura was interviewed at a camp site on a mountain top in Whistler.

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 All ten Japanese free-style mogul skiers had a training camp in Whistler from June 27th to July 8th in preparation for the Vancouver Winter Olympics next February. Aiko Uemura, who is expected to win a medal, shared her thoughts about Vancouver and Whistler during a mountain top interview on the last day of training camp.

 “Having been under so much stress for so long, I was afraid of my nerves breaking down,” said Aiko Uemura. Whistler is the place that holds fond memories for her and where she first encountered mogul skiing. She has been visiting since she was fifteen. “It was good to train for this time of the year because I could focus on practicing on moguls, and I could relax more than usual while doing some exercise like jogging in my spare time. I could afford to unwind,” Uemura recalled.

 She talked about Vancouver and Whistler as being her favorite places to recharge. “I feel anew that skiing is fun, and also feel relaxed after seeing other people enjoying skiing in Whistler.”

 Uemura said that she enjoys leisure time in Canada in many different ways. For example, “I find the Japanese food here is so delicious that I eat it often. I am not a picky eater, however, I would like to have a variety of dishes from all over the world” She even asked the Vancouver Keizai newspaper reporter what Canadian food is like.

 Vancouver and Whistler have many memories for her. Uemura enjoyed taking a walk at Stanley Park when she came to Canada with her family for the first time. Seeing the scenery at Whistler, she said “This place is refreshing like when I get on a ski gondola in Hakuba.” She also said with a big smile, “I would like to come back here with my husband, whom I just married last month, for the Olympics. Then I hope I can show him my favorite place: Whistler”

(Translated by Yurie Sato and Mikihiro Suga)