Visual Band Fans Gathered at X JAPAN Vancouver Concert -Groupies there all the way from Japan

Visual Band Fans Gathered at X JAPAN Vancouver Concert -Groupies there all the way from Japan

Enthusiastic fans rushed to X JAPAN Vancouver Concert on October 3rd.

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 X JAPAN concert was held at Vancouver Queen Elizabeth Theatre (600 Block Hamilton Street) on October 3rd.

 A lot of visual band fans in black showed up in front of the theatre and changed the atmosphere around. X JAPAN is a popular band because Japanese fans as well as many Canadian rock fans gathered. They made a long line to get the goods limited for North American tour before the concert. About ten enthusiastic fans from Japan wore Yoshiki’s princess looking eccentric dresses in visual band looking red hair and waited for the concert.

 ‘I’ve always attended X JAPAN concert,’ said Tomomi, who has followed the band for twenty-one years and will go to the concerts held in seven parts of both America and Canada. She has a strong feeling to the group, ‘Their long-term dream to have the concerts in foreign countries finally came true. I feel their joy very much. I’m glad for them to have the (first North American concert)tour like my own.’

 Some X JAPAN fans live in Vancouver. ‘It’s like a dream to have the concert here,’ said Sylvia, who lives near Vancouver and has been the X JAPAN fan for seven years. She went to Japan in 2008 to see the Tokyo concert. She wore flashy clothes in red hair, which reminds people of the late Hide and attended the concert with two of her X JAPAN fan friends. She took her parents, who were fans influenced by her. She says, ‘We can enjoy their music regardless of our ages.’

 The other three concerts are going to be held in Chicago (6th), Toronto (7th), and New York (10th).

(Translated by Hiroko Shioda)