New Varieties of Japanese Restaurant in Vancouver - ‘Salmon Sashimi Rice Burger’ Became Popular

New Varieties of Japanese Restaurant in Vancouver - ‘Salmon Sashimi Rice Burger’ Became Popular

‘Salmon Sashimi Rice Burger’ (CAD 8), the popular lunch menu in ‘JAPAS Bistro,’ a Japanese restaurant.

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 ‘JAPAS Bistro’ (552 West Broadway), a Japanese restaurant opened in Vancouver, a Japanese food battlefield state at the beginning of May. A unique menu attracts people’s attention.

 Masahiro Aramaki, a chef of this restaurant creating the original menu, is conscious of ‘not only regular menu but also unique menu at any time.’ He takes a process of trial and error every day. The chef persists, ‘Just only Japanese regular cuisine won’t be accepted in Vancouver. We don’t serve simple sashimi but flavored Japanese style and decorated in Western style.’

 They can enjoy rice burgers at lunch time such as heavy Menchi Katsu Burger (CAD 9)for those who work near the restaurant, Beef Teriyaki Yakiniku Burger, and Chicken Teriyaki Tukune Burger (both are CAD 7.5). The most popular menu is Salmon Sashimi Rice Burger Set (CAD 8)sandwiched fresh sashimi roasted a bit, lettuce and tomatoes between burger. Regular customers are increasing because ‘it’s the mild healthy sashimi burger that can be rarely eaten.’ Each burger comes with salad, French fries, and miso soup.

 The restaurant changes into ‘Japanese style pub people can breathe a sigh of relief’ at dinner time. The menu for dinner is different from lunch. They provide dishes eaten with sake and fifteen kinds of chu hai. Mr. Aramaki says, ‘We serve many kinds of Japanese sake which the other restaurants don’t have. We would like the customers to try them.’ Some of chu hai menus include fresh and unique drinks like ‘Tooth Paste’ flavored mint. People can enjoy new tastes.

 Opening hours: lunch = 11:30 to 14:30, dinner = 17:30 to around 22:00.

(Translated by Hiroko Shioda)