Non-alcohol Sake Kasu Drink ― Sell at a Brewery in Vancouver

Non-alcohol Sake Kasu Drink ― Sell at a Brewery in Vancouver

‘Cherry Kasu Drink,’ a non-alcohol sake kasu drink now on sale by Artisan Sake Maker.

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 Artisan Sake Maker (1339 Railspur Alley), a brewery located in Granville Island, Vancouver, started to sell ‘Cherry Kasu Drink,’ a non-alcohol sake kasu (sake lees) drink on July 1st.

 It has been about three and half years since Artisan Sake Maker opened. They produce 9,000 liters of sake per year. They already distribute the merchandise to more than twenty restaurants, ten locations of BC Liquor Store (B.C. state liquor shop), and six locations of private liquor shops.

 The new alcohol this time is the mixture of cherries in Okanagan, B.C. and sake kasu. It’s a mild juice used 100 percent of natural ingredients only. The feature is that ‘the mixture of distinct flavor and taste of sake kasu and mild sweetness of cherries makes smooth drink.’

 Masataka Shiroki, an owner, tries to make sustainable and wasteless sake. As for sake kasu taken out during the process of brewing sake, he says enthusiastically, ‘They usually give sake kasu to distilled spirit breweries or use it for Japanese style sake kasu cooking. I make good use of extra sake kasu and make sake suitable for Vancouverists to drink. I want to produce healthy sake by only using local sake kasu.’ He also says, ‘Sake kasu can be major taste, not supporting.’

 Mr. Shiroki has tried to produce sake rice near Vancouver since last year. He talks about the new challenge, ‘I have still harvested rice experimentally. I hope to harvest the amount of rice used for sake material in the future.’ ‘Apple Citrus,’ a new taste including sake kasu is going to be sold on August.

 Opening hours: 11:30 to 18:00.

 (Translated by Hiroko Shioda)