A Japanese Style Breakfast with Grilled Salmon, Miso Soup, and Natto at a Caf? in Vancouver is in the Air

A Japanese Style Breakfast with Grilled Salmon, Miso Soup, and Natto at a Caf? in Vancouver is in the Air

A Japanese style breakfast menu with either natto or tofu, grilled salmon, and miso soup (6.95 CAD).

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‘Marulilu Cafe’ (451 West Broadway, Tel 604-568-4211), ran by Japanese, opened nearby Broadway-City Hall Station on the Canada Line in Vancouver last December and attracts attention to Japanese style buns or purely Japanese style breakfast with grilled salmon and natto.

 This cafe, near the intersection of West Broadway and Cambie St., which is conveniently located in terms of bus and the Canada Line, is about 800 square feet. The chic and relaxed interior in the cafe is based on dark brown and white. Sonoko Morii, an owner chef, said about the meaning of the cafe’s name, ‘”Maru” is my husband’s nickname. I chose “lilu” because of cute sound. I’m grateful to my husband, who has other jobs but from the opening he is supporting me.’

 They target not only Japanese but also local people so they serve banana loaf and muffin as well, which are popular among cafes in Canada, besides Japanese style pastry buns, such as red bean paste bun, cream bun, and yakisoba bun. They also provide purely Japanese style breakfast menu with grilled salmon, natto, and miso soup, in addition to Canadian style breakfast menu with ham and eggs.

 Ms. Morii said, ‘I was supposed to serve only Canadian style breakfast menu at the opening of this cafe. Canadian who had stayed in Japan advised me to serve grilled salmon and miso soup for breakfast, and I added those meals to the menu. I’m glad to see a lot of customers except Japanese order natto now although most of them don’t know what it is. I ask them to choose either natto or tofu because some don’t like natto.’

 They serve breakfast menu all day long. Niku-jaga(simmered meat and potatoes) (1.50 CAD) can be added to Japanese Style Breakfast (6.99 CAD). Katsu-Don, Chicken Cream Doria (both are 6.99 CAD), Fresh Fruit Smoothie (4.95 CAD) and ten to fifteen kinds of bread baked in the cafe every day are prepared.

 Although there are both Canadian and Japanese style menus, Ms.Morii said, ‘People in Vancouver are accustomed to eating Japanese food and comfortably accept it. We open for long hours in summer and have a liquor license. I would like many people to feel relaxed at our cafe.’

 Opening hours: Monday to Friday = 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday = 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

(Translated by Hiroko Shioda)